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What's New:

April 3, 1999
Translation up Jenova7
I put up the Translation section linked to Final Fantasy Extreme.

April 2, 1999
Final Fantasy Gaiden SD Mascot
Just as I thought, Final Fantasy Gaiden is total goose-doo. (I'd say it was bullshit, but goose-doo smells worse.) Never trust news that breaks on April 1st.

April 1, 1999
News Update Jenova7
Final Fantasy Gaiden is floating around the Internet. When I first found out I didn't know what to expect. Could this be an April Fool's joke or could this fantasy be reality? Go take a look in the News Section.

March 31, 1999
Multimedia Update Goatee0092
I've added some specifications to the music and movies sections to make downloading more convenient. All the file sizes are now listed.

March 30, 1999
"Hey, look, the navbar's in the news again!" SD Mascot
That navbar's really pissing me off... Time to learn tables or something.

Links Updated SD Mascot
The links page has been updated. Perfect for when you want to leave the site as soon as possible.

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