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Scream: My Third Killer Theory
By Brian Schmidt

In reading this, you should try to keep an open mind because obviously most of it isn't gonna turn out true. Until Scream 3 comes out, this is purely a theory. Be warned: you should see both Scream and the sequel before reading this!

Okay. What's the evidence that there might be an unrevealed killer?
-In the first scene involving Casey and Steve's death, Casey locks all the doors as she starts to get nervous from the phone call, but later her parents open the door without unlocking it. Obviously, this scene involves a two-person job. But wait! Stu spent the night at Tatum's house as we find out later on, which leaves room for the idea that there was a third person in on the job.
-When Sid is attacked in the bathroom, there is no way for Billy or Stu to have sneaked in: Stu was with Tatum, and she walked away from Billy on her way. Even if one of them had somehow managed to sneak in, those two obnoxious cheerleaders would have seen them. It's always possible that it could have been a prankster since the attacker didn't emerge from the bathroom when Sid exited, but the consequences seen for that kind of behavior most likely would have discouraged them and this certainly didn't look like a joke.
-In the scene where Sid and Tatum are talking about Sid's mom, Father Death is watching nearby. We flash to the next scene at the video store where Randy, Stu, and Billy are gathered. Flash to the next scene where Ghostface is watching the girls at the grocery store. It seems like a lot of trouble to go through from that porch to the movie store to the grocery store just to make unnoticed appearances. It could've been a local that was playing a prank or something, but thinking about that logically, it doesn't really make sense. The answer is a third person in on the scheme.
-In the scene with Tatum's untimely demise, the killer enters and later exits from inside the house. Stu's out because he was busy greeting guests, and Billy arrived later in the party. Obviously, Billy would've been noticed at sometime in the course of coming in the party, leaving, and coming around front.
-Another instance is the bedroom scene. Sid locks the door behind her when the killer comes after her. Billy is playing dead. She is then met by Ghostface again in a record timing of 4 seconds (from the time the knocking stops to the time she sees the attacker again). Although there were two doors to the bedroom, this stills seems illogical because Billy couldn't have helped out... it must've been the third killer.
-In the final scene, it's obvious that Stu wasn't aware of Billy's real motive, inferring that he might not have supposed to have been part of the plan, leaving room for an alternate accomplice (of course, there's always the possibility that Billy wasn't comfortable enough to talk about his actual purpose). Also in this scene, it appears that Billy is trying to kill off Stu (cue alternate accomplice theory), but this, too, isn't foolproof.
-In Scream 2, when Cici was killed, Mickey was at the frat party so it must've been Debbie. But later, when Dewey and Gale are watching the video, there is footage of the killer so who helped out Debbie?
-Loosely based on the first clueless accomplice theory is with Mickey and Debbie... okay, so maybe Debbie did just need Mickey's help and wasn't planning on a third person to the party, but it's still something to consider.

Let's consider the possibilities--
-Dewey: Although I'm sure Dewey is everybody's favorite, there's a good chance he was involved with the murders. He seemed to be suppressing a lot of anger about his sister's disrespect for his authority, a.k.a. the motive. When the girls were out doing some errands, Father Death showed up; is it a coincidence that Dewey was escorting the girls? During the party, he almost seemed to be leading Gale astray, perhaps trying to keep "Miss Nosey" away was a good part of the plan (although this could also be a perfectly harmless act as well). But a good solid idea is when Dewey came back to the house: his stabbing scene looked a bit staged and it would seem a little more convenient for Dewey to have handed Ghostface his car keys than the killer taking it off him, wouldn't it? Not to mention that Dewey survives the violent acts against him in both movies, suggesting that the attacks were staged or something along those lines.
-Randy: This is very unlikely, but it's a thought. Motive? Jealous of Billy getting Sid. Remember when Randy says he was going to go check up on Sidney and Billy when they go the upstairs bedroom? Despite this little tidbit of info, the idea is pretty stupid since Randy gets his in #2 (why'd they have to write him out, damnit!?!).
-Sidney's Dad [Neil Prescott] (this is a good one): The night of Casey and Steve's death, when Billy's sneaks into Sid's room, Sidney's dad says that he's hitting the hay... but wait! He was wearing a jacket, suggesting he had just been somewhere, perhaps Casey's house? He also gave Sidney a little-more-than-complete alibi with time and place, clearing his name for the following days. Another point is this: Mr. Neil Prescott was mysteriously missing for the most part of the movie; he is later discovered to be kidnapped by Billy and Stu. But consider that Neil's car wasn't found until a little before the point where he is shown tied up, suggesting that he might have been part of the action. With these things said, it is logical that Mr. Prescott had Billy and Stu kill Sid's mother (when he found out about the affair) and arranged with them a massacre a year later, but they turned on him. When Billy and Stu were dead, Sydney's dad apparently had nothing to hide. Also very important is the fact that Neil isn't even in Scream 2; when he is mentioned, his whereabouts of being out of the country on business are remarked by Debbie as "fishy."

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