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Links and Webrings

Game-related Links

Classic my favorite site
Zany Video Game Quotes hilarious game quotes; definitely worth a look
info on the history of of video games (almost too thorough)
Dave's Video Game Classics lots of downloads and nostalgia
Top 25 Emulation Sites the definitive source for emulation
FFVIII Omega the coolest ff8 site
a very well done ff6/3 site

My Other Sites

FFIII MWG my FFIII(VIj) site featuring lots of multimedia and cool stuff, plus my own creations: My FFIII Animated GIF Cut-Scenes & Virtual Figaro
FFVIII Alpha my joint partnership FFVIII site (we still have to plan it, but you can come take a look)
my brief Scream page featuring my extensive research on the popular third killer theory
My Homepage my homepage

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