FF VIII Alpha - Story
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A l p h a

S t o r y

SeeD & Garden

Garden serves as a private military school in this new world of Final Fantasy VIII. Garden is located all over this world and its students/ soldiers calm the disputes of mankind. Kids from ages 6 to 19 attend the school. If a student does not pass an exam between the ages of 15 and 19, they will be expelled from Garden.

Another goal for these students is to become a member of SeeD, a special military force only for special students that possess a power unlike regular people. In this world, only SeeD members have the ability to use magic. Normal civilians arenít capable of handling such power.

The Legend

Fundementally witches have been the only women that have powerful magic. Though they have existed since ancient time, the reason why they exist is unknown. They are not immortal but have the fatal thread like humans. So some witches made best use of their magical power and conquered people, and some hated their own power and lived a solitary life. Some evil witches were beside themselves with the tremendous magical power and even controlled a government at that time. People feared all the witches as evil ones, and they have been trying to get rid of them from their society. And now (in the time of FF8), the existence of witches have become unknown to ordinary people. For young people, including Squall, witches are just what exist only in legends. Adding to this, many of them have forgotten that some witches are evil.

The Witch

Peace has been existing for quite some time now in the world of Final Fantasy VIII. No war and no more disputes in the world thanks to Garden and SeeDís superb management with the military forces. There was peace. And then there was Edea. She appeared before the public with many in awe. They worshipped her as a god for they thought witches were legends and not real. The world turned to Edea except for a few which know Edeaís plan. From this, a war erupts into something beyond imagination... ... ... ..